Unlocking African Potential

Rehabilitation Centre

  • Identifying underlying causes
    The high unemployment rate, poor socio-economic conditions and poor family environments have been identified as some of the major causes of substance abuse in the Western Cape.
  • Address these causes
    Address and council people, assisting them in doing a life plan that will include addressing financial, family and employment possibilities.
  • The Matrix System of Rehabilitation
    This system allows for rehabilitation, through various treatment options, while the patient / worker remains in “undiscriminated against” full time employment.
  • Working during rehabilitation
    Using the matrix system of rehabilitation means that families suffer no loss of income during the rehabilitation process.
  • Further training after rehabilitation
    Candidates who have successfully completed their rehabilitation program have the option to go for further training in order to enhance their chances of finding suitable employment.
  • Hope for the future


Staying employed while in rehabilitation gives the individual motivation and hope for the future.