Unlocking African Potential

Training Centre

  • Training to international standards

    Because industry often requires higher standards than local government, we train students in accordance to various international standards, for example: ASME.

  • ISO Accredited

    In accordance with our ISO accreditation, we constantly strive to improve on our quality of training.

  • Skills Plans vs. Qualifications

    Trainees have the option to follow a skills development plan rather than a full qualification. This means that students who meet the criteria for entry into formal qualification can also gain additional skills, enabling them to find sustainable employment.

  • Identifying Potential

    Rather than only looking at a person’s employment- or academic history, we do pre-assessments to identify people with potential in various disciplines.

  • RPL Assessments


  • Continuous evaluations

    Students are evaluated throughout their training and a 80% attendance is required in order to gain entrance to the final assessments.