Unlocking African Potential


Developments in the Saldanha Bay Area:

Various developments on the West Coast are nearing completion:

Among others:

  • Construction of a new shopping center in Vredenburg (Already in progress).
  • Further development of the Golfing Estate in Langebaan (Already in progress).
  • Construction yard for new oil rigs (Almost completed).

Various new developments are planned for the West Coast:

Among others:

  • Dry docking and ship repairing facilities in Saldanha Bay for the servicing of oil rigs and ships.
  • Power generation for the energy needs of the Western Cape.
  • LNG supply to Mossgas.
  • Smaller industrial developments in Saldanha Bay.

Obstacles to Overcome:

  • Lack of investment capital.
  • Government funds are difficult to access.
  • Skills Shortages
    • Local labour is not trained for these high impact industries.
    • High level of substance abuse in the Western Cape.
    • Charity culture created by the high unemployment rate.

South Africa has vast potential in industry, raw material and our people. We need your help to overcome the obstacles and unlock prosperity for all.